Japan April 2013

A little more than a month ago I’ve been to Japan with three friends. As the related blog post is already long overdue I guess I’ll get right into it. Maybe this post will be of purpose to someone looking for pointers while planning their journey to the Land of the Rising Sun. Nevertheless I’m trying to keep it short as it’s my first blog post ever… Yeah welcome to the year 2013 ;)

We drove around using the JR-pass and the local subways and buses. When making reservations for the Shinkansen it’s best to make use of the Hyperdia App. Just open the connection you’d like to use on the display and show it to the staff. They will print the tickets and book the seat-reservations. If you’re ever short of money just skip some of the temples and castles (philistines might blabber “if you’ve seen one of them you’ve seen all of ‘em”). Rather use the money for the different parks which were visited by a lot less people and were inviting you to just sit there and marvel at the surroundings.

The following is a map of were we’ve been. We used 18 days for the route, 4 of these we spent in Tokyo.


The best parts were:

Well for planning I recommend the Japan Guide Travel Essentials and the Japan articles on the different cities on Wikivoyage, the recommendations concerning the food were awesome.

The following pictures were shot by CrispyCrunch and are chronologically unsorted.

Temples in Nikko

gate temple


Akihabara 1 Akihabara 2

Mount Aso

aso1 At first

aso2 Half an hour later…

Japan Essentials: Castles, pagodas and parks

castle crane park monks

cat Neko-san is not amused about the fact most parks are closing between 17 and 18 pm…

turtle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


miya miya2 View from above some climbing later miya3 And back down


himeji drums Local drumming contest

osaka Train station somewhere in Osaka

dish Apparently you’re not supposed to eat the head… lame!

fuji Fuji-san through the train window

alt text Indoor BBQ


Hiroshima 1 Hiroshima 2


gates stones kyoto3

group photo Yours truly on the right

me Pics or it didn’t happen!


taka takayama


Yokohama night

After all it has definitely been worth the trip. I guess I’ll create a blog post about the food later on.