The year 2022 in books

Books read in 2022. Zero commute by train. When travelling, or moving, by car I find myself listening to podcasts and music rather than audiobooks. I was able to read 12 books. A lot less than in previous years.

As previously I’ll rate the books from one to three stars. Three of three (3/3) stars being what I thoroughly have enjoyed and would recommend to others who are into the topic of the book or enjoy a good read in general. Giving a book one star neither states the book is bad or I do not agree with it, rather it is something I personally did not enjoy too much.

Argentarius - Vom Gelde - 3/3

The author explains to his son how money works. Written over 100 years ago. Fully applicable to today.

Liebe deinen Nächsten (or “Flotsam” in English) - Erich Maria Remarque - 3/3

Why the title isn’t “Treibgut” (flotsam in German) is beyond me. Especially when reading it during evasive travels.

Hunger - Knut Hamsun - 2/3

A struggling artist in Norway. Written over 100 years ago.

Kinder von Hoy - Grit Lemke - 2/3

An introduction to youth live in the former DDR.

Too Loud a Solitude - Bohumil Hrabal - 1/3

The rating could be off. I wasn’t too focussed on the book while reading and found myself moving pages without remembering what is in it. Should give this another go in the future.

Gothic Violence - Mike Ma - 2/3

Lots of short essays. Some “meh” some great.

Alles was wir nicht erinnern - Christiane Hoffmann - 2/3 - Audiobook

The author travels along the escape route of her parents from what is now Poland to their home in Germany after the second world war.

The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen - 3/3

Heard it is a book you should read in your thirties. Applied to me.

Speculator (Book 1 High Ground Series) - Doug Casey and John Hunt - 2/3 - Audiobook

Action packed story on gold mining and speculation in Africa.

Drug Lord (Book 2 High Ground Series) - Doug Casey and John Hunt - 2/3 - Audiobook

Novel on drugs and the FDA and everything in between.

The White Pill - Michael Malice - 2/3

A refresher on communist history from Lenin to the end of the USSR.

The Stranger - Albert Camus - 3/3

I knew nothing about the book when reading it. Luckily I did not even read the text on the back. Almost read this in one sitting. It’s great.