The Algebra of Happiness - Scott Galloway

A bunch of advice packaged within personal anecdotes of the author.

Work out. If you enter a meeting feeling you could kill anyone at the table it gives you an edge.

Praise others. Express admiration to coworkers. Tell your wife you love her.

Always be in the stockmarket. You are not smart enough to predict when to get in and out.

Alcohol predicts unhappiness more than other factors.

Invest in experiences over things. “Drive a Hyundai, and take your wife to St. Barts.”

One key to a healthy relationship is forgiveness.

If you like to sell and are good at it, you’ll always make more money, relative to how hard you work.

People who tell you to follow your passiong are already rich.

Nothing fantastic will happen without taking risk and subjecting yourself to rejection.

Love and relationships are the ends - everything else is just the means.

Don’t ever let your wife be cold or hungry.

Where you die, and who is around you at the end, is a strong signal of your success or failure in life.