Ask your developer - Jeff Lawson

A great book to give to your product owner or non-technical folks in the organization. As a developer one will mostly nod while reading the book. While not necessarily learning a huge amount, aside from lots of trivia on Twilio and tech history, it provides some fine arguments that can be used in discussions.

customers suddenly did care about the software that companies used because the customers directly interfaced with it. If you had a better website or mobile app than your competition, it would be a good reason for customers to pick you.

with off-the-shelf software apps, you have to change your business to match the software—which is crazy! Really, you should change the software to build the business your customers need.

ING would own the code, so developers could improve their system as often as they wanted, rolling out new code every day if need be, instead of waiting for a commercial vendor to ship an upgrade maybe once or twice a year.